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VoIр GSM Gateway DBL GoIр-8 3G (8 Sim 15 3сartele)

VoIр GSM Gateway DBL GoIр-8 3G (8 Sim 15 3сartele)
  Cod produs: 605365       $833 | €709
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Producător: Dbl
Model: GoIP-8 3G
Garantie: 24 luni

Descriere Dbl GoIP-8 3G

The 3G GoIP series gateway is a broadband relay gateway newly developed by DBL Technology. It is a new product for seamless connection between the GSM network and VoIP network. When the mobile phone SIM card is installed in the GoIP, users can register the GSM phone to the VoIP softswitch system. Through the GoIP, users can realize the uplink and downlink calls between the GSM network and the VoIP network. In addition, the GoIP supports the transparent transmission of the caller number from the PSTN to the VoIP. GoIP is designed to work in conjunction with key phone systems and IP-PBX to provide GSM communications. The extensive compatibility of the GoIP makes it an ideal choice to be deployed in multi-vendor open architecture VoIP networks. GoIP is a great way to provide fast phone service deployment where regular PSTN line may not be readily available. GSM gateway also provides significant savings in usage, infrastructure and maintenance cost compared to conventional PSTN. The GoIP features embedded SIP and H.323 protocols with flexible setting. The bi-directional password authentication (call authorization) and trust list authentication greatly minimize the risk of charge losses and the flexible routing function can meet special requirements of various call forwarding. In particular, the GoIP gateway supports multi device groups, with flexible setting of large GSM gateway groups with different channel numbers. With its low price, excellent voice quality, and powerful features, the GoIP series gateway is the first choice for system integrators, traffic operators, and softswitch manufacturers.

Caracteristici tehnice
Model: GoIP-8 3G
Processor: ARM9 133MHZ
DSP: VP-101-1 196MHz
RAM: 16M
Network Card: 100/10BASE-T ×2
LED: operating and circuit light
Power consumption: 12V/DC
Weight: 0.65kg
Size: 32.5*14*6(cm)
Operating Temperature: 0-45℃
Working Humidity: 40%-90% non-condensation
Color: grey
SIM port: 8
RJ45 port: 1
Speech Characteristics
G.168 Echo cancellation: Support (16ms)
g.723: Support
g.711A/u: Support
g.729A/B: Support
GSM: Support
PLC: Support
CNG: Support
VAD: Support
Jitter Buffer: Support
T.38: Nonsupport
Network CharacteristicLAN Port
DHCP: Support
PPPoE: Support
Static IP: Support
NAT Transversal: Relay or Port forwarding
Network time: NTP/SNTP
10/100BASE-T: 10/100 auto adaptation
PC Port
Static IP: Support
DHCP: Max support 200 terminals
10/100BASE-T: 10/100 auto adaptation
Switch mode: Support
User Interface
Web page Configuration: HTTP
Multiple password: 3 password
Keyboard setup: Support
Online update: http
Broadcast IP: Support: Chinese, English
Billing: Support
Language: Chinese, English
Multi-regional warning tone: China,HK,USA,UK,German etc.

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